Should You Use a Hot Water or Cold Water Pressure Washer?

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When you are in need of cleaning concrete, construction equipment or tools, you usually want to use something more than just a garden hose and soap. In this case, a pressure washer is highly beneficial, as it works quickly and efficiently, able to break up more dirt and grime than what a hose can do. When you are choosing a pressure washer, you will first decide if you want a hot or cold one. Here are some things to think about when deciding which one you need.

Hot Water Pressure Washers Work Better on Grease and Oil

While both cold and hot water pressure washers do a fantastic job at cleaning various surfaces, hot water does tend to break up oil and grease better than cold. If you need to wash your driveway and have some oil and grime from parking on it, then you probably want to use a hot water pressure washer. It is also useful for dirt buildup that has been on the surface for a long time, such as when cleaning concrete or asphalt. Also keep in mind with hot water washers that you can choose electric, gas or diesel-powered models.

Hot water diesel driven pressure washers are most often used in civil construction projects and the like, so consider whether you really need equipment of this capacity.

Cold Water Pressure Washers Are Safer For Wood

There are some materials that might get extra clean with pressure washers that use hot water, but that heat can actually damage those materials. This is the case when you are cleaning wood that is not sealed properly. If you need to clean bare wood, such as wood planks before constructing something or cleaning your deck before painting it, use cold water. The hot water pressure washers might cause the wood to swell and damage it beyond repair.

Hot Water Pressure Washers Can Sanitise Better

Another reason to consider using a pressure washer with hot water is that they are better at sanitising surfaces. Hot water helps to get rid of germs that cold water often won't be able to touch. If you are cleaning an area where food prep or storage is, such as cleaning out the inside of an old refrigerator or food storage truck, you should use a hot water pressure washer. This provides a cleaner, safer surface for food processing or preparation.

Cold Water Pressure Washers Cost Less

There is a convenience with cold water pressure washers when it comes to cost. If you are buying or renting it, it is going to cost you a little less. This helps you to save money for other projects. These pressure washers also tend to be smaller in size, so it is more convenient to move it around when washing the surface.


26 April 2017

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