Why Commercial Roller Doors Are Better Than Ones Made For Residential Homes

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Commercial roller doors can be seen in many different buildings, in industries ranging from agriculture to manufacturing, and many retail and even office buildings will have them as well. They allow for quick, easy access to storage facilities, and let you load and unload products without the risk of them getting damaged. But, before you go and order the first roller door you see, it is important that you get one from the right company. Residential roller doors may not fill your need like commercial roller doors, for a few very obvious reasons to those in the industry. Here are a few of the reasons why commercial roller doors are much better for your purposes.

Locking System

It may surprise you to learn that many of the roller doors in Australia do not actually have a lock at all. They simply open and shut when the mechanism demands, particularly if they are automatic. That means that if you were so inclined, you could forcefully open them by pushing as hard as you could, or with special tools. For a business, that sort of risk is just not acceptable, which is why commercial roller doors come with different locking options, from digital ones to the old fashioned key-lock at the base of the door.

Different Options

Roller doors come in many different varieties if you know what to look for. Some are very open-aired and have mesh designs across them, while others are extremely secure, made of reinforced metal to keep virtually anything in (or out) of your building. Different commercial practices will require different needs, which is why roller door companies focused on larger roller doors have more options that can cater to your specific needs. Don't just put up with a door because you think it is the only option. Find one that is a perfect match.


Commercial roller doors are built sturdily and do not have all of the same weaknesses that the smaller engines on private roller doors have. Still, they do require regular maintenance, particularly if they are used a lot or they are located in a very harsh environment, such as around the ocean air with its salty breeze. However, commercial roller doors can often be fixed by the same company that installed them, even years down the track, and many come with guarantees to prove the manufacturers trust in their product, which is something you should always be looking for!


30 March 2021

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