5 Projects That Require Demolition - What You Need to Know

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When you hear the word 'demolition,' it often comes with negative connotations, such as ruined buildings or destroyed structures. However, demolition can be necessary for many different reasons and can lead to new and exciting possibilities. This blog will explore five different projects that require demolition and provide an insight into their purposes.  Building Renovations One of the most common reasons for demolition is building renovation. When a building becomes too old or outdated, it is often more cost-effective to tear down the structure and rebuild from scratch than to try to salvage what is left.

18 September 2023

An Overview Of 3 Types Of Decking Boards

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Installing a deck can give you additional functional space in your garden area to enjoy hosting social gatherings or simply relaxing in the sun. When you decide to have a new deck installed you'll have to select the type of decking boards you'd like. Decking boards are purpose-made and ready to install, but they come in a few different materials and can be sized to suit your needs. Here's an overview of the three main types of decking boards for you to consider.

9 March 2023