Some Terminology for First-Time Boat Buyers

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When you're ready to buy your first boat, you want to ensure that you know the right terminology that applies to boat buying. Just like buying a car, if you understand the various models available and some details about their features, you're more like to get something that you love for years to come. Note a few terms and phrases you'll want to remember when you're ready to shop for a boat.

Types of boats

A pontoon boat has a flat bottom, good for parties and large groups. However, it's not good for speed, as the flat bottom produces drag when on the water. A fishing boat is often very lightweight and somewhat compact from side to side, so you can easily fit it through areas of seaweed and reefs where fish are found. It too is not built for speed but for maximum control. An offshore boat is a type of fishing boat meant for longer trips offshore; they are generally larger so they provide more weight against the fight of swordfish and other larger fish you might find in deeper water, and they give you more space for the gear and tackle you need. A wakeboard boat is meant for water sports; it may have a small deck or step over the back so that you can easily get in and out of the boat without any risk of hitting the blades of the engine.


Most boats are going to be monohull, meaning they have one pointed hull at the front for breaking through the water. However, a boat with two hulls that are joined by a bridge is called a catamaran, and these are good for sailing, as the hulls help to disperse the water across the face of the boat, and a hull on each side keeps the boat stable if it should tip in the wind. If you're looking for a monohull boat for speed, look for strakes. These are like ridges that jut out of the boat's hull and which are used to create lift. A boat meant for speed should have several solid strakes along the hull.

Cruisers and yachts

The difference between a boat and a yacht is that a yacht will have a cabin or stateroom, and it may or may not have a bridge. Cruisers and yachts are meant for maximum style and comfort. They typically have a swim platform off the back and many will have more than one level for their stateroom. Cruisers are yachts that are meant for speed and will have the most powerful engines and sleekest design, whereas luxury yachts may be meant simply for relaxing on the water without racing.

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27 April 2016

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