All You Need to Know About Screen Printing Hoodies

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Having custom apparel is an excellent way to develop your identity in family, school, work, and sporting functions, among many other applications. Several techniques for printing apparel exist. However, screen printing is among the most popular techniques for good reason. It's reliable, produces high-quality prints, compatible with most fabrics, produces durable prints, cost-efficient for bulk printing, etc. However, it would help to know a thing or two before screen printing your apparel. For instance, if you are looking to print your hoodies, several aspects will come into play to make your printing successful. Therefore, here is all you need to know about hoodie screenprinting.

Your Hoodies' Thickness Matters

Hoodies and other heavy apparel like sweatshirts are typically thicker than standard shirts or t-shirts. Therefore, your hoodies may require more specialised techniques and careful attention to detail during printing. For instance, the off contact (distance between the top of your garment and the bottom of the printing screen) may need to be higher than what a printer would typically use for a standard t-shirt. Adhesives may also be needed to keep your hoodie from moving around during printing. What this could mean for you is added costs. However, you can always request for a quote from different screen-printing service providers.

It Would Help To Consider Your Hoodie's Features Before Printing

The hood, pockets, and zippers are some of the features to keep in mind before screen printing your hoodie. Such features can get in the way of your design, affecting the final look. For instance, if you intend to print at the back of your hoodie, consider whether it will be a concern if the hood covers your design when it's down. If that's a concern for you, moving your design downwards would help.

Printing around seams, pockets, and zippers may also affect the quality of your design because of inconsistencies and gaps. Therefore, design your prints away from such features to get the best results.

The Fabric/Garment Is Crucial

Your hoodie's fabric or garment can also make all the difference in the quality of your design. For instance, some fabrics or garments de-tag better than others. Therefore, if you'd like to replace the original manufacturer's tag on your hoodie with your own logo or information, your type of garment would be a critical aspect to consider. Some garments like fleece have their tags sewn into the seams instead of under. Therefore, removing them would entail cutting. For some apparel garments, removing tags would leave holes in your hoodie, so remember to ask first.

Some garments or fabrics are also poor in showing detail perfectly, which could leave your design looking different from what you had anticipated. Some of these include ribbed garments and canvas materials. 


4 April 2022

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