Things to Think About When Getting a Balustrade in Your Small Home

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A balustrade can be both an aesthetic and a functional structure in your home. It can make your home look more luxurious, while also protecting people from falling off stairs and balconies. A balustrade can be a rather large structure, and if you have a small home, it might not fit in too well. However, if you wish to build a balustrade in your small home, it's possible. You just have to consider your options and make the best out of them. In order to do so, there are a few things you should think about.


The first thing you need to consider is the material. Sheet metal and wood are commonly used for different types of balustrades. However, these materials might not suit your home very well, as sheets of metal and wood often create a rather closed off impression, making your home seem even smaller. Opt for glass or aluminium strings. Something you can see right through but that can still offer support. Glass balustrades can create an illusion of a window, making it seem like you have more space than you have. The only consideration you need to have when getting a glass balustrade is that you need to remember to clean it regularly. Grease stains from fingerprints and other types of dirt will make you balustrade appear smudgy and not offer the same illusion of an open space.


You also need to consider what design you want for your balustrade. Using glass, the structure should be tall to give the illusion of an additional window. If you opt for string metal, you should avoid making it too complex and ornamental. This can cause the balustrade to appear more compact than it is, and thus make the space seem more shut off. You should also opt for a tall structure when working with string metal, as a low balustrade can look stubby and make the entire space in your home look lower than it is.


You should also put some thought into what colour you want. For glass balustrades, toned glass can make the glass look more aesthetically pleasing. Just make sure it's still see-through. You could also add just one stripe of paint on top of it to make it stand out and mark the end of the balustrade. When it comes to metal, you should opt for light colours. If you don't want to use the natural colour of the metal, perhaps you might want to go with white or grey to give it a less barrier-like look. 

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24 May 2016

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