Understanding Aluminum Anodes Before Purchasing Your Boat

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There are two popular types of anodes to choose from when purchasing a boat. The first type is the zinc and the second type is aluminum. Aluminum anodes can be used in fresh water and salt water. It is important to understand how fast a boat can corrode when in salt water and fresh water before purchasing it.

Boats In Fresh Water

Many people believe that boats used in fresh water do not need aluminum anodes because there is limited corrosion in fresh water. This statement couldn't be further from the truth.  Any boat that is in water needs to be protected from corrosion. All boats consist of more than one type of metal these days. A few types of metals used when making boats includes bronze, aluminum, steel and zinc.  Aluminum anodes are the cure to preventing extensive corrosion on boats that are in the water on a regular basis. 

Zinc Boats

Regardless of the fact that salt water is better at conducting, it still requires metal to be under the water. Fresh water contains impurities, which create corrosion as well. The zinc anode is very strong in fresh water and is not likely to corrode. When purchasing a boat, if you want one that will last forever, choosing a boat that is mostly zinc is the best way to go. The downside is that zinc does not last in fresh water, it is the best option for salt water only. People are discovering that aluminum is a great choice for salt water because is doesn't contain any cadmium. Zinc contains cadmium, which is highly toxic. 

Boats With No Anodes

When a boat has no anodes at all, it is not protected. A boat will corrode at a very fast pace if it is not protected by aluminum anodes. Aluminum is a benign metal and works amazing as an anode. Many tests have been performed on aluminum anodes that have discovered its amazing protective power. Aluminum anodes are not poisonous, which makes it a great choice when looking for a boat to purchase. Using aluminum boats in salt water is always a better choice than using zinc in salt water.

Most people wouldn't think about the type of metals used when purchasing a boat, but it is absolutely necessary. Buying a cheap boat is not always the best option because you may end up replacing it much faster than you originally expected. Corrosion is a real issue but can be prevented when learning about aluminum anodes and their importance.  


28 July 2016

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