5 Common Types of Pontoons to Choose From

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The varied types of pontoons on the market may make it difficult for a first-time pontoon buyer to make a choice. This article discusses the types of pontoons that are designed to meet the needs of different buyers. Use this information to select the best pontoon for your needs.

Basic Pontoons

Some manufacturers may also call basic pontoons value pontoons. These are usually small, such as those measuring less than 18 feet in length. They are ideal for buyers who do not need a lot of storage space during a boating trip. Basic pontoons are also good for people who only want to go boating with a few close friends.

Angler Pontoons

Angler pontoons are specially made to suit the needs of fishing enthusiasts. For instance, the pontoons are equipped with fishing rod holders, containers for fishing bait and swivel chairs. Such facilities ensure that the pontoon owner will not have to incur a high cost to modify the pontoon in order to customise it for fishing trips.

Leisure Pontoon

Leisure pontoons provide the things that boat owners need in order to have a good time on the water. Such facilities include folding picnic tables, a grill and sinks where you and your team can wash hands or utensils before and after eating what you have grilled as you have a good time. Leisure pontoons are usually bigger than basic pontoons.

Luxury Pontoons

Luxury pontoons take the facilities available on leisure pontoons to a higher level. For instance, the pontoon may have high-tech audio systems, high-end cushions in all seats and LED lighting all around the boat. The pontoon may also have a floor plan that can be customised to suit the needs of the owner.

Performance Pontoons

Performance pontoons are built for those who would like to travel fast. Such boats have very powerful engines. The pontoons may also have power-assisted steering so that you can easily control your pontoon as you travel at high speed. The performance pontoons usually have luxury seating amenities, such as ultra-comfortable leather seats.

Most pontoons will fall into one of the categories discussed above. However, different manufacturers may give their pontoons different classifications or grades. Your role is to examine the features of each pontoon on offer so that you select the one that is suitable for your needs.

You may also need to have a more detailed discussion with a pontoon supplier so that he or she can help you to understand the other aspects, such as the materials from which the pontoons are made, so that your final choice will be an informed one.


29 August 2016

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