Walk The Line: Choosing The Best Line Marking Machine For Marking Rugby Pitches

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Rugby pitches take almost as much punishment during the average rugby game as the players themselves, so creating crisp, clear and durable markings on your pitch is vital. However, it can be difficult to choose a suitable line marking machine for rugby pitches -- a mind-boggling variety of different types, makes and models are on offer, each with their own individual advantages and disadvantages.

Finding the right line marker for your rugby pitch need not be as complicated as it seems, however. Ask yourself the following questions before you start shopping around, and you should have a much easier time finding a suitable line marking machine for the heavy-duty needs of rugby pitches:

Should I choose a spray or transfer wheel line marking machine?

The vast majority of line marking machines use one of two methods to transfer paint to the ground; transfer wheel markers use a rotating wheel covered in paint to apply lines directly to the ground, while spray markers use pressurised paint or aerosol paint cans to spray lines onto your turf. Both types of markers are well-suited for use on rugby pitches, so your choice of marker may well come down to individual preference.

Transfer wheel line markers are beloved by the more traditionalist groundsman and are extremely simple, easy-to-use devices that require very little maintenance. The lines they create are of excellent quality, with crisp edges and uniform thickness. However, most transfer wheel line markers will need to make at least two passes over an area to create lasting lines, as single coats can leave one side of your grass painted while the other remains bare and green. This can significantly increase the amount of time and paint it takes to mark a full-size pitch.

Spray line markers are much faster to use, as they only require a single pass to form a durable, even coat. They also allow the marking machine operator to walk faster than the sedate pace mandated by transfer wheel markers, so spray markers are ideally suited for creating lines quickly and cheaply. However, they require more practise and expertise to operate accurately, and mixing and loading paints into the pressurised reservoir of a spray marker can be messy and difficult. Markers that use aerosol cans are easier to operate, but their paint tends to be more expensive to purchase.

What kind of wheels should the line marking machine have?

The wheels of a line marker may seem pretty inconsequential, but choosing a marker with unsuitable wheels for soft, pliable earth can leave you in a world of pain during wetter times of year, when a pitch is already fragile due to the attentions of studded rugby boots. You should, therefore, opt for a line marker with large, wide wheels that will not create unsightly trenches in your rugby pitch. Ideally, these wheels should be fitted with pneumatic tyres, which further reduce ground damage and prevent marker wheels from digging into the pitch during sharp turns.


7 April 2017

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