Why You Should Install Luxury Vinyl Tiles for Your Flooring

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If you find that your kitchen or bathroom has started to appear decrepit, you may be considering a complete overhaul of the décor. However, this can be an expensive endeavour and thus may not be a financially viable option for some homeowners. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you have to settle for living with an eyesore. A quick way to change the appearance of these spaces would be by installing new flooring. With the numerous options that are available, you may find it difficult to select one type of tile that would suit your style. If you would like something that is both attractive and functional for your kitchen or bathroom, then you should consider luxury vinyl tile. So why would luxury vinyl tiles make a great addition to your home?

Luxury vinyl tiles are easy to maintain

One of the main reasons why tile flooring becomes unattractive is if it is neglected. However, if you have a busy schedule juggling work and home life, you may not have the time or the effort to engage in extensive cleaning and maintenance. A convenient alternative option for you would be luxury vinyl tile. This type of material is stain-resistant; therefore, you do not have to worry about its appearance changing over time. In addition to this, loose dirt will not become embedded in the tiles, so occasional sweeping and mopping would be sufficient to keep it clean. With luxury vinyl tiling, you can be assured that your flooring will stay appealing for longer.

Luxury vinyl tiling is non-absorbent

Another major benefit of choosing luxury vinyl tile is its water-resistant properties. As long as the luxury vinyl tiles are professionally installed, they will not allow moisture to seep into your subflooring, which in turn will ensure that your kitchen or bathroom is not susceptible to mould breeding due to trapped moisture. A second benefit of being moisture resistant is that spills can easily be cleaned up without you having to worry about them being absorbed into the floor. Lastly, water-resistant flooring assures you that bacteria and other microbes will not grow in the flooring, as the tile is non-porous.

Luxury vinyl tiling is safe

When it comes to tile flooring, homeowners would have to be concerned about accidents that could be caused when water comes into contact with the surface of the tiles. With luxury vinyl tile, you can opt for a textured surface, thus ensuring that your floor stays slip-resistant while also enhancing the appearance of the tiles.


18 April 2017

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