4 Flooring Options For Your Patio

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When you are putting in a new patio in your backyard, one of the big decisions to make is what type of flooring to use. This can be anything from beautiful fieldstone to budget-friendly concrete. Here are some different flooring options to consider for your patio.

Natural Stone

A popular option for patio flooring is to use natural stone. This won't be the cheapest option, but natural stone often lasts a long time and really adds to the aesthetic appeal of the outdoor space. It can also be considered more environmentally-friendly since the stone comes from the Earth's surface instead of going through a manufacturing process with chemicals. Some good stone options for a patio include sandstone, fieldstone, blue stone, and travertine.

Wooden Planks

If you are going for more of a natural, rustic look in your backyard, using wooden planks is an ideal option. Some people will use other forms of wood outdoors, like wooden tiles that snap in place, but the planks can save you some money and look more natural. You can either purchase new wooden planks at lumber or home improvement stores, or get them as recycled wood from various places. Either way you go, make sure you seal the wood before installing it, otherwise, it might get ruined from the elements.

Snap Tiles

These tiles might be made of different materials, but are often made of wood, slate, granite, or natural stone. The main benefit to deck tiles is that they snap in place, so they are extremely easy to install. If you already have a large concrete slab where you are putting in the patio, but you want flooring a little more decorative, you can add the tiles right on top of the concrete to add more aesthetic appeal.

Concrete Pavers

A simple way to add flooring to your patio without actually pouring a large concrete slab is to use concrete pavers. These come in various sizes, shapes, and textures, so you can really control the overall look and design of the patio floor. Pavers are much easier to install than pouring concrete, and they give you a lot more design flexibility. You can also find pavers that have been dyed different colours. When installing them, make sure the ground is completely level and that you add some crushed concrete beneath where the pavers will be installed. This provides more stability and helps to hold them in place.


20 April 2017

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