Laser Beams And Garden Screens: A Guide To Creating The Perfect Laser-Cut Metal Garden Screen

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Laser cutting services are more accessible and affordable than ever before, and modern advances in laser technology mean that sophisticated metal cutting services are now well within reach for the average homeowner. However, metal laser cutting isn't just used to create signs, machine components and other thoroughly utilitarian objects -- with a little creativity and ingenuity these lasers can be used to create genuinely beautiful artwork, such as decorative metal garden screens.

These screens have massively increased in popularity due to their combination of beauty and privacy, and laser cutting services all across Australia now offer metal garden screen cutting services. However, having a garden screen custom made in this way isn't something you should jump into blindly, and you should ask yourself the following questions when ordering your new screen:

Do I have a clear idea of what the screen will look like?

Laser cutting allows for the creation of extremely intricate and detailed designs, which can be both cut and engraved into your screen to create a piece as unique as your garden. The sheer versatility of laser cutting means you should have a clear idea of what your screen will look like before you order it, as you can quickly find yourself overwhelmed with choices if you try to wing it.

Ideally, you will supply the laser cutting service you choose with a 3D model or vector drawing of your chosen screen design, and these mock-ups can be created using common CAD software (some laser cutting services provide their own proprietary CAD software to aid the design process).

However, you don't have to be all that tech-savvy to give the cutting service a good idea of what you want, and screen cutting services can help you design your perfect screen if you are having trouble coming up with an idea of your own. If you have seen the design you desire on a different screen or metal object, bringing an image of the design to your cutting service will greatly aid the design process.

How much privacy should your screen provide?

A common mistake made when designing a garden screen is choosing a beautiful, intricate design that also creates large, voyeur-friendly gaps in the screen. However, choosing a design that lets little to no light through the screen can be bad news for your plants, and can cast long, cool shadows on summer evenings. Remember to bear this in mind when designing your screen, and decide whether privacy or beauty is more important for your new screen. 

What metal should the screen be made from?

Modern laser cutting equipment can effectively cut a number of types of metal, so deciding which metal will suit your screen is vital. The following metals are worked with by most laser cutting services:

  • Steel is inexpensive and very durable, but will rust quickly without a protective coating. 
  • Weathering steel is a specific type of steel alloy designed to create a stable, decorative coating of rust that does not damage the structural strength of the metal. It is ideal for garden screening, but can be more expensive than regular steel, and the rusted look of weathering steel is not to everybody's taste.
  • Stainless steel does not rust or stain, but is considerably more expensive than either steel or weathering steel.
  • Aluminium does not rust, and is very light and easy to handle. However, it is generally the most expensive metal choice offered by most laser cutting services.


28 April 2017

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