3 Occasions When You Should Contact a Land Surveyor

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A land surveyor is a professional who is qualified to judge the legal boundaries of areas of land. A surveyor can then carry out topographical surveys which are used to create maps and reports. As a land or property owner, you may not think you need the services of a land surveyor. However, there may still be instances when you should call in a land surveyor. Below is a guide to 3 times you should instruct a land surveyor to act on your behalf. 

If you are considering flood insurance

If you live on a flood plain, your home insurance provider may insist that you pay an additional fee in order to cover you in the event of a flood. However, by calling in a land surveyor, you will be able to establish the precise elevation of your home. If this elevation is avoided the level of the flood waters, you may be able to ask for an exemption, so you do not need to pay the fee to cover you for addition flood insurance.

If you are installing drainage

If you have decided to install new drainage on your land, it is worthwhile calling in a land surveyor. A surveyor will be able to make a topographical model of the land so you can establish the best location for any pipes, drains or ditches so that water is channelled away from your home, property, crops and livestock. The surveyor may also recommend that you grade an area of your land to prevent water from pooling in flat areas.

If you plan to construct outbuildings

If you are planning to construct new outbuildings on your property, such as a storage shed, you will need to ensure that the plans are fully compliant with local planning laws. A land surveyor will be able to carefully map and measure your property to ensure that outbuildings do not encroach on other people's land or end up being constructed too close to protected features such as rivers or lakes. Having a land survey carried out may cost money, but it could save you the expense of a court battle or a fine from the local council in the event of a dispute.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of instructing a land surveyor to carry out work on your property, you should contact your local surveyor's office today for further advice.


9 May 2017

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