Shopfitting a Toy Shop: A Guide

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It is possible for the amateur to construct a toy shop that will provide attractive and serviceable premises for the sale of toys. If you are contemplating such an enterprise, it is necessary that you approach it deliberately and intelligently so that you may reap from it all the advantages possible.


When it comes to lighting, you may wish to install spotlights so you can illuminate individual displays. If you do so, you should ensure that the intensity of illumination is not sufficient to cause appreciable discomfort.


Adequate storage is a key part of any toy shop. You must have a place to put your toys when they are not on display. If you plan for storage from the beginning, you can use space under counters, behind doors and alongside walls. A shop fitter can install shelves and units in a backroom, which can be used to keep your inventory of toys.


In order to attract the youngsters into your shop, your displays should be as attractive as possible. The displays should be arranged so that the merchandise is in good view when people are standing near them. There should not be so many things in view at one time, and you need to make sure that there is adequate space between displays for patrons to pass between them freely.

TV screens

Another possibility for attracting youngsters to your shop is the installation of television screens. While this will ensure that their eyes are focused on the merchandise, it may not be practical if you are trying to run a traditional-looking toy outlet. Television can be used as an effective advertising medium, however – if you do decide to install a TV screen, make sure it is always showing ads that will attract customers.


Floors can be made of linoleum, wood, fibreboard or a combination of these. There are several different types of linoleum floors available to the retailer. Most store floors are made of heavy-duty rubberized vinyl covered with matting of the same material. Thin plastic mats are also manufactured in various widths and styles which may be used to make up a floor covering that is lighter than vinyl. Wood is not recommended as it will quickly get stained or scratched if it should become damaged by contact with children who put things on it and continually rub their feet against it.

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28 June 2021

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